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Whipped Ricotta Toast for National Toast Day.
Top of the Toasts

At Hero Bread, we’re big fans of toast, as you might expect. Whether it’s for breakfast or as a mid-afternoon snack, we love that Hero Bread keeps the net carbs and calories lower than conventional bread, so we can load up on our favorite toppings.

In honor of National Toast Day (which falls on February 29 this year), we pulled together our favorite toast ideas. Think of it as le crème de la crumb of toasty goodness:

  • Whipped Ricotta Toast – While berry jam makes this toast a sweet treat, it still packs a punch with protein. Each slice of Hero Classic White Bread brings 5g of protein to the table, and 1 cup of whipped ricotta an additional 28g. This high fiber toast will help keep you full all morning long.
  • Elevated Avocado Toast – How do you make a classic better? With crunch and flavor from sunflower and pumpkin seeds, our Seeded Bread provides the perfect base for fresh veggies and savory feta cheese.
  • Beet and Salmon Toast – For savory breakfast fans, this smoked salmon toast combines lox bagel toppings with bright, earthy beets to start your day off right with protein, veggies and flavor.

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