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About Us

We are Hero, and we are a team of bread-heads who believe that everyone should have the freedom to eat and enjoy foods we love most without negative health consequences.

We've remade carby, empty-calorie products into fluffy, delicious versions that include 0g net carbs, 0g sugar and fewer calories, with added benefits of protein and fiber

It Started with a Muffin

Born with severe food allergies related to pollen, Cole Glass had a diet of just carbs, protein, and fat - no vegetables, fruits, or nuts.

In 2017, to offset the inevitable health problems he would face from eating a limited, unhealthy selection of foods, Cole cut out the carbs from his life and searched for low-carb alternatives to flour-based foods. But everything he found contained something he was allergic to. There had to be a better way…

Since muffins were a part of his diet that he enjoyed, Cole decided to develop his own better version. So, he baked 100+ muffins every single day to try and change up the recipe.

For two years, he switched ingredients, microgram by microgram, trying every possible combination of proteins, fibers, and baking ingredients. Then, one day, he finally perfected a batch of muffins that tasted just like the original.

The only difference was that his had zero net carbs, no sugar, and less than half the calories.

Our Team

Cole Glass, CEO and Founder

Former SpaceX, Apple, Google and Facebook

Blaine Hurst, Executive Board Member

Former President and CEO of Panera

Ray Lane, Investor and Board Member

Former Oracle President and COO and Investor & Board Member of Beyond Meat

Brandon Tucker, VP of Operations

Former CraftMark Bakery, Incora and SpartanNash

Steve Straker, VP of R&D and Commercialization

Former CraftMark and David Wood Baking LTD