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What’s Inside of Hero Classic White Bread?

0 Net Carbs*

0 Net Carbs*

0G Sugar

0G Sugar

45 Calories

45 Calories

5G Protein

5G Protein

11G Fiber

11G Fiber

Hero Classic White Bread

How Do We Stack Up?

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Top Selling White Bread

0g Net Carbs

13g Net Carbs

0g Sugar

2.5g Sugar

45 Calories

70 Calories

5g Protein

2.5g Protein

11g Fiber

1.5g Fiber

Customer Reviews


  • Sliced White Bread from Hero Bread™ is a delicious bread with 0g net carbs* and 0g sugar per serving that tastes like regular bread. It’s a great selection for any bread lover.

    *Net Carbs = Total Carbs - Dietary Fiber

    In addition to 0g net carb, our Hero Bread™ also contains the following per slice:

    4g protein

    10g fiber

    0g sugar

    40 calories

  • Hero Bread™ is available for purchase on our website.

  • “Net carbohydrates” are the carbs in food that are fully digestible and absorbed by the body. This is different from “total carbohydrates” as that includes all the different types of carbohydrates found in a food such as dietary fiber, which passes through the digestive system without being completely broken down and absorbed by the body. Net carbs can be calculated by subtracting Dietary Fiber from Total Carbohydrates listed on a product’s nutritional facts panel.

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