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All of the Good Stuff

None of the Bad Stuff

What’s Inside of Hero Croissants?

2G Net Carbs*

2G Net Carbs*

0G Sugar

0G Sugar

170 Calories

170 Calories

10G Protein

10G Protein

20G Fiber

20G Fiber

Hero Croissant™

How Do We Stack Up?

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National Coffee Chain Croissant (62g)

2g Net Carbs

25g Net Carbs

0g Sugar

4g Sugar

170 Calories

250 Calories

10g Protein

5g Protein

20g Fiber

1g Fiber

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  • Hero Croissants can be stored on the countertop for up to 5 days upon receipt. They can be stored in the freezer for up to 120 days (4 months).

  • The Hero Croissant™ is handmade in a French bakery in Sonoma, California; features clean ingredients. The 74g Hero Croissant™ - when compared to the 62g croissant sold in the leading national coffee chain - has 32% fewer calories, 92% fewer grams of net carbs, and double the grams of protein.

  • We’re cooking up some truly unbelievable products. Just imagine all of the things you can make with flour! Sign up for our mailing list so you’ll be the first to know when something new is in the oven..

  • “Net carbohydrates” are the carbs in food that are fully digestible and absorbed by the body. This is different from “total carbohydrates” as that includes all the different types of carbohydrates found in a food such as dietary fiber, which passes through the digestive system without being completely broken down and absorbed by the body. Net carbs can be calculated by subtracting Dietary Fiber from Total Carbohydrates listed on a product’s nutritional facts panel.

  • The Hero Croissant™ Weekend Box includes six of our generously sized 74g croissants. Each Hero Croissant™ contains 2g Net Carbs, 0g Sugar and 170 Calories.

    Our artisan croissants are handmade, individual croissants will vary in shape and color.

  • Hero Bread™ is committed to maintaining the artisan nature of our croissant, which means we bake them in small batches. We're looking forward to baking more soon to supply future drops in the near future. Join our email list to stay up to date.

  • Hero Croissants will be shipped via FedEx Ground.

  • Hero Croissants will only be available for purchase on the website.